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Yu-Lin Chen

Product, UI & UX designer


Born in Taiwan on 22nd August, 1987. As son of a painter and certified dental technician (kind of teeth sculptor ;)), Yu-Lin was raised and taught to explore and embrace the beauty of the world.


After graduating from the Dept. of Industrial Design at National Cheng Kung University and working with NDD Taiwan, a leading design company, Yu-Lin started to understand how the design environment looks like. He was eager to know more, more about the whole world. Consenquently he applied for the only school he wanted to study in... the “Royal College of Art”.


After years of intensive training and active participation in the modern design world, he has transformed himself into a mature industrial-, furniture-, conceptual-product and  user-interface designer.



Education Background


09/2006~06/2010 Dept. of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University

10/2013~07/2015 MA Design Products, Royal College of Art



Work Background


06/2010~07/2013 NDD product designer

- preliminary analysis (brand, market, trend)

- concept sketching

- detailed 3D modeling (Solidworks, Rhino)

- CNC sample machining, laser machining, vacuum forming, 3D printing

- 3D rendering for simulation (C4D)


07/2015~now Freelance product, UI, UX designer

- product design (sketching, 3D modeling, rendering 

- watch & jewellery design and technical construction

- user interface and user experience design for websites and apps





2010 Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX)
2011 Dian Shin / Design Refreshment Exhibition
2011 Taiwan Designers’ Week
2011 Taipei World Design Expo
2011 Designtide Tokyo
2011 Tokyo Designers Week
2012 Dian Shin / Design Refreshment Exhibition
2012 Taiwan Designers’ Week

2014 RCA Work-in-progress Show

2015 RCA Work-in-progress Show

2015 RCA Graduate Exhibition

2015 London Designers’ Week




2010 Young Designers’ Exhibition / Golden Award
2010 Lebens(t)räume Award organized by iF (Lengthened Socket)
2010 Lebens(t)räume Award organized by iF (Curvy Scissors)
2010 IDEA Finalist Award
2011 Red Dot Design Award “Best of the Best”
2012 IDEA Gold Award
2012 Braun Prize in Student category as a Special Mention project
2012 Core77 Design Award

2013 Spark Concept Award

2014 HAY Talent Award Finalist

2015 Helen Hamlyn Design Award

2015 SustainRCA Award

2016 Golden Pin Design Award / Best of Golden Pin Design

2017 Red Dot Design Award / Product Design 2017





Sketching (pencil,colour marker, etc), rough model making (EK-foam, PU, etc), hands-on fabrication (wood, metal, silicon, etc), software operating (Onshape, Solidworks, C4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Swift, all Office applications, etc)

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