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Two common light bulb fitting standards are use in countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Ireland, New Zealand, the Middle East and Africa: Edison Screw (ES) and Bayonet Cap (BC). This could lead to some confusion when buying and changing light bulbs. To eliminate this confusion, I’ve designed and engineered the BothFit light bulb fitting to fit bulbs meeting either the ES or BC standard.

The Idea


The concept of BothFit came from my experience of buying and replacing light bulbs in London. I bought light bulbs once in a while and occasionally ended up buying the wrong ones. That got me thinking about how to solve the problem without changing the existing system.

I started to study the two light bulb fitting types and designed a fitting that can be used for both ES and BC light bulbs.

3D CAD Drawing


The following pictures are the CAD file I made for making prototypes.



The following photos show the look of a BothFit light bulb fitting and how it works on both types of light bulb.

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