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Nursing Kit


Worked with Sheng-Hung Lee


2010 Young Designersʼ Exhibition / Gold Award
2010 Lebens(t)räume Award organized by iF
2011 Red Dot Design Award ”best of the best”
2012 IDEA Gold Award
2012 Core77 Design Award
2012 Braun Prize in Student category as a Special Mention project

Nursing Kit is a new generation of family first aid kit that blends into its surrounding furniture. It unites with your daily life naturally not only for complete health care, but also for excellent decoration and illumination.


My Role


This is a graduation project for my BA at Cheng Kung University. I am one of the main designers. I am in charged of idea generation, sketching, 3D modeling, rendering, model making and filming.

The Background


Humans used first-aid kits for hundreds of years, but a first-aid kit has still never been well designed. It should not just be a box contains medicines and tools. It should be a useful facility which is well organized and considered inside out.


The Problems


After studying some conventional first-aid kit, we found out some common problems:

1. Not a pleasant look:

The conventional first-aid kits are not always pleasant to look at. Therefore, people tend to put it away in a drawer, closet, garage, etc. However, when an emergency situation occurs, people then always forgot where the first-aid kit is, and sometimes even when we found it, the medicine inside were expired.


2. How and Who to open it:

This is a small yet important point which people are not always think about it. When people need to use a first-aid kit, it means that someone probably injured, and it can be the one who tries to open it, so how to make it easy to access yet not so easy for children to open it is essential.

3. A big mess:

The sections in a first-aid kit are always not well designed and considered. Therefore, it's always a mess when we open a first-aid kit and found it hard to know what's inside and how to perform first aid.

4. Hard to pick up stuff:

The sections in a first-aid kit can be small and hard to access. Therefore, some medicine and tools can be hard to pick up. Moreover, we also found out that some common tools which have a flat shape, such as a pair of scissors, can be stuck in the bottom of the box and not so easy for people to pick up, especially for an injured person.

5. Tools are not user-friendly enough:

We found out that sometimes its hard to use the tools inside a first-aid kit, such as a tape dispenser, especially for an injured person.



Inside out


I basically designed and sketched it inside out. In the other words, I considered first how to organized medicines and tools and how to easily access yet childproof, then how to carry it effortlessly and how to blend it into our daily surrounding environment.


The Design of The Signs


The three steps


We separated the inside space into three sections. These three sections stand for the three steps of performing first aid - sterilization, medication and dressing. The symbol of medicines and tools needed for each step also shown on the separated boards.


The 3D Model


All about details


I drew the following 3D model for making a working prototype.


The Prototyping


Realizing the design


We made an ABS prototype based on the 3D file by CNC machining.


The Result


More than just a box


When Nursing Kit is picked up, the "emergency" first-aid cross lights up. To open it, users need to push down on it and turn. Inside the Nursing Kit, the container is separated into three sections: one for sterilization, one for medication, and one for dressing. Moreover, the "lid" portion functions as a light source, so when the kit is taken apart, it can be used as a flashlight.


The Result


The powerful tools


To really make it a useful first-aid kit, we not only designed the "box", but also the tools which are needed while performing first aid.

1. Curvy Scissors:

The Curvy Scissors were designed with curved handles that are angled about six degrees. The curvature making it much easier to be picked up no matter which side is used.

2. Tweezers Clip:

The Tweezers Clip can be used as a pair of normal tweezers, and by reversing it, it becomes a clip to seal up packages.

3. Universal Tape Dispenser:

The Universal Tape Dispenser can be used by only one hand in two ways. The first way of using it is to fix it on a surface by pressing it down with any part of the body and then tear off the tape by one hand. The other way to use it is to flip the base part of it then double it, and hold the whole dispenser to use it.

4. Medicine Cap:

Users can write down the name of the medicine and also the expiration date on Medicine Caps to help themselves easily recognizing and using the medicines in a right way.

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