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Grown Vase


For centuries, plaster has been used by human to craft his/her own depictions of nature. Grown Vase takes that same material and uses it to expose the complexity of nature by simple virtue of the chemical reaction that takes places when plaster comes into contact with water.

The Concept


As a designer, I’m always exploring new processes for the manufacture of products. Grown Vase is a surprising outcome of an experiment in which I tried to form a product without using any machine or mold. I tried different materials such as jesmonite, cement and plaster, as well as different processes.


Eventually, after burying a piece of foam which was soaked in water into a box of plaster and letting it set overnight, I found the plaster formed a nice and thick layer around the foam and had a really interesting surface.

The Process


The process begins with a simple form of an Oasis foam vase. This is soaked in water and placed within a container that is then filled with plaster. As the water slowly goes out from the foam, the chemical reaction between plaster and water begins. With no mold, it is the molecular reaction of these two combining materials that dictates the final form.


Regardless of the consistency of the process, the results will always be inconsistent - each one a unique expression of natural forces, asking us to engage with an aesthetic which challenges established ideas of man-made beauty.

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