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Every tumbler has its halo, small or big, shiny or dim. The halo usually only appears on the tabletop when you lift the tumbler. Celebrating this stunning moment, Halo shines its halo consistently using a lift-up, convex lens base.

The Concept


When lifting a glass of wine or whiskey, (before tasting it ;)) I am always fascinated by the stunning refracted light which went through the alcohol and shines its color on the tabletop. Therefore, I decided to design and make a tumbler which maximizes this experience.

The Formula


The formula for calculating the focal length of a concave-convex lens (positive meniscus).

The Design


As shown in the following sketch & 3D model, the base of the Halo tumbler has a convex lens ring.

The Making


I made a wooden mold for manufacturing the tumbler and then partnered with a glass blower to produce some Halo tumblers. It was a fun experience, and the result is delightful.

The Gallery


The following photos show what a Halo tumbler looks like and how it shows off its halo.

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