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Promotions have always been a part of retail, such as ‘temporary price reduction’ (TPR), ‘buy X for £Y’ and ‘buy one get one free’ (BOGOF). However, some of them require customers to buy more than they need to get a better price. SharingList is a shopping list app which is able to seek a better and fair deal for customers by finding another customer who needs exactly the same thing as you do, help you to share the product and price.

The Idea


The concept of SharingList came from my experience of buying groceries in London. Too often, I fell prey to promotions and bought more food than I needed. A week later I was throwing away the food—and money—I thought I had saved by buying items on sale.


To remedy this situation for both the customer and the store selling products, I designed a methodology and an app that allows a consumer to share a sale or promotional on a product (and its cost) with another customer.

Perfecting the user experience


After building the app I integrated a shopping list function to complete the user experience. It works something like this:


1. When you’re ready to shop, input the things you need to buy in the shopping list. Then, as you shop and pick up the items you need, check the item off your list in the app.

2. When you find a sale you’re interested in in-store and want to share the purchase minimum with another customer, press the SharingList icon on the right side of the list. This activates the scan function, which you’ll use to scan the barcode of the item you’re interested in.

3. By scanning the barcode, the app learns the details of the promotional you want to split. Next, enter the quantity you want and how much you’re going to pay to share. Then, the app searches for people nearby who are also shopping and have the same item in their shopping list and sends them a message.

4. If someone accepts your offer to share the sale, you receive a message.

5. The app then shows you where the person is on a map, so you can find each other.

6. When you’re both ready to checkout, the non-sale purchasing customer pays the buyer virtual SharingMoney credits. The customer who receives the credits pays for the products at the checkout. Upon checking out, both customers divvy up the agreed-upon quantity of the sale product.

7. You can use SharingMoney at a partner shop just by scanning the credit code.

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