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Mass produced by Shiang Design Studio in 2015


Golden Pin Design Award: Best of Golden Pin Design 2016
Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017

Tandscape is a desk organizer for you to create your tabletop landscape.

The Abstract


To find the harmony between a tray and the objects on it.

The Exploring


To explore the concept even further, I made several testing trays from different materials by different manufacturing processes. Eventually, to get a most satisfying result, I decided to make it in jesmonite (Tandscape is now made of ceramic in mass production). The following photos show the exploring process.

The Result


The following photos are the jesmonite version of Tandscape.

DSC_0883 copy copy.jpg
DSC_0886 copy copy.jpg
DSC_0890 copy copy.jpg

Mass Production


Tandscape won Best of Golden Pin Design from Golden Pin Award in 2016 and Product Design Award from Red Dot Design Award in 2017. The following gallery show some photos of the ceramic version of Tandscape.

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